NSCLC recognizes both leaders in the field of aging and law as well as organizations that have had particular impact on the lives of low-income older adults.

Directing Attorney Georgia Burke confers award to Paul Nathanson

Directing Attorney confers award to Paul Nathanson

Paul Nathanson Distinguished Advocacy Award — This award recognizes an outstanding advocate or partner organization that has made a significant contribution to field of aging and law on behalf of low-income older adults.


2013: Founding NSCLC Executive Director Paul Nathanson from 1972-80. He returned in 2008 and under his more recent leadership, 100,000 poor seniors and others received over $1 billion in Social Security and SSI benefits and $300 billion plus of health care services were retained for 300,000 California seniors.

The Impact Award — This award recognizes the significant impact on the lives of low-income older adults by a foundation, individual,  or legislator  who has supported legal advocacy on their behalf.


2014-Edward Spurgeon, Borchard Foundation, and the Borchard Foundation Center onEdSpurgeonAward Law and Aging. Spurgeon, who is president of the Foundation and Co-Director of its Center on Law and Aging, is a pioneer in the field of law and aging. Both he and the Foundation have a long commitment to NSCLC and its mission, funding both litigation and a valuable fellows program. Click here to watch a video about the Foundation’s contributions to NSCLC.

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