Webinar: Building an Integrated Appeals System for Dual Eligibles

(10/5/11) The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is working with states to design new models for integrating Medicare and Medicaid benefits for those who receive benefits under both programs.  Enrollees in new integrated models must have the ability to appeal decisions and to file complaints about problems they encounter. Given the high level of vulnerability in this population, any system should include the best protections provided by the collective Medicare and Medicaid appeals processes.

Dual eligibles   people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid   are some of the most vulnerable patients in our health care system. They are, by virtue of their Medicaid eligibility, low-income and most are dealing with multiple chronic conditions.

The Webinar is based on an issue brief that is the third in a series of four NSCLC papers supported by a grant from The SCAN Foundation. Each is designed to highlight pressing issues facing dual eligibles and provide recommendations to the federal Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office, state Medicaid agencies and other interested policymakers and stakeholders on how to address them.

PowerPoint | Recording | Issue Brief

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