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Center for American Progress Asset Limits Are a Barrier to Economic Security and Mobility. CAP calls on Congress to pass the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act.

New America Media Blog, Better Language Interpretation Crucial for New Social Security Commissioner(5/20/2013). NSCLC’s Paul Nathanson writes that it is crucial that the Social Security Administration communicate with individuals in language that people understand.

Interweave Connect, It’s Important to File for Social Security Benefits Before the Supreme Court Decides on DOMA (April 2013). NSCLC’s Gerald McIntyre contributed to Interweave Connect, a publication of the Unitarian Universalist Association, on significance of DOMA Supreme Court decision.

Clearinghouse REVIEW, Goldberg on Life Support at the Social Security Administration (May – June 2012). By Rachel Gershon and Gerald McIntyre.

AgeBlog, Court Orders Social Security to Restore Benefits to 140,000 (September 2012). By Gerald McIntyre. People will be able to have their Medicare Part B benefits restored without having to pay the lifetime premium penalty. Such penalties apply when someone does not participate in Part B for a period of time. Social Security will notify the people in this group about the special enrollment provisions that apply to them

Aging Today, House Must Act to Restore Vital SSI Lifeline for Refugees (May-June 2012) By Gerald McIntyre. On September 30, 2011, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits came to an end for up to 4,600 refugees, asylees and similar immigrants admitted to the United States on humanitarian grounds. Most of those affected are older than the general SSI population, and many are unable to learn English or complete the naturalization process…

Aging Today, Chained CPI: A Hidden Benefit Cut Targeting the Most Vulnerable (January/February 2012). By Gerald McIntyre. The problem is CPI-W is designed to  ensure changes in the cost of living of urban wage earners and clerical workers—a younger and healthier group whose spending patterns differ substantially from those of the retirees and people with disabilities making up the bulk of those  receiving SSI, federal retirement or veterans benefits.

  • Seniors Remain on Frontlines in War on Poverty January 8, 2014 By Kevin Prindiville The 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty brings a welcome and much needed debate about how best to eradicate poverty in the world’s wealthiest country.  Unfortunately, few commentators are focusing on how poverty impacts the lives of the nation’s older adults – but they should. There are approximately 6.5 million people age 65 ...

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