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NSCLC staff write occasional articles and blogs for major news sites and others.

Aging Today Advocates Are Key Players in State Dual Eligible Demonstration Roll-outs (September 2014) Amber Cutler and Fay Gordon offer several lessons learned by advocates in the aging field regarding the dual eligible demonstration projects currently rolling out in five states.

Aging Today Policymakers Can Blunt the Sharp Impacts of Elder Poverty in America. (May/June 2014). By Kevin Prindiville.  Proposals to weaken the programs that have worked to alleviate the burden of poverty must be rejected.

California Healthline California 20 years Behind Times; Residents at Risk. (3/13/2014) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson writes about assisted living rules in the state.

Aging Today The Nursing Home Reform Law: A Partially Realized Vision. (November/December 2013) Problems remain and for many residents and families today still feel legislation is needed to address them.

Aging Today Medicare Comes Up Short on Cultural Competencies  (April 2013)   For the more than 5 million older adults whose primary language is not English, language barriers can create huge obstacles to getting the healthcare they need. To read the full article, you need to join the ASA.

Bifocal,   Dual Eligible Demonstrations: A Potential Sea Change in Service Delivery for the Neediest Clients  (February 2013)

Aging Today, To Affect Policy, You Must Know Policy (January/February 2012). Although the legislative process is always important, effective advocacy on the federal level is about more than moving Congress to act. The article presages a session at the March 28-April 1, 2012 Aging in America Conference. 

Clearinghouse Review (Sept/Oct 2008) —What You Need to Know About Advocacy for Limited-English Proficient Elders

Clearinghouse Review (May/June 2009) —Older Women of Color –and the Challenge of– Regulating Cultural Competence



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