JOINT WEBINAR: National Senior Citizens Law Center & National Consumer Law Center: “Fugitive Felons”: Clark v. Astrue Implementation for SSI & Social Security and Similar Provisions in Other Benefit Programs

NSCLC & NCLC Webinar – September 25, 2013

Learn about the court ordered relief currently being provided in Clark v. Astrue to class members whose Social Security or SSI benefits were suspended because of an arrest warrant.

This session will also review the so-called “fugitive felon” provisions in other public benefit programs such as VA and SNAP benefits as well as implications for Medicare.

Presenter: Gerald A. McIntyre, Directing Attorney of the National Senior Citizens Law Center.

Additional sponsorship for this Webinar was provided by a grant from the Administration on Aging/Administration for Community Living .

This webinar is part of a series of National Elder Rights Training Project webinars for the National Legal Resource Center.


Video Recording


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