Low Income Older Adults Need Lawyers Too

(November 2010)

The future for low-income older adults is especially troubling this Holiday season. Social Security and Medicare are both under attack. The very existence of Medicaid in several states is threatened.  And, serious court challenges to health reform remain unsettled.

The recession is hitting the elderly poor especially hard with millions of middle class older adults retiring early because they have run through all their savings and desperately need Social Security income when they no longer can collect unemployment. Many of them will join the ranks of poor as a result.

NSCLC is working hard on behalf of those who often do not have a voice in the courts, on the Hill or in federal or state agencies.

We seek to protect Social Security benefits for the low-income and to ensure that people who are entitled to those benefits get them. We seek fixes to Medicare Part D to ensure that those who qualify for low income subsidies and other related benefits are not forgotten. We work hard to make sure that the courts do not eviscerate safety net programs or to roll back health reform.

While industries have their trade associations with dozens of attorneys at their beck and call, low-income older adults should have lawyers at the table, too. That’s a major reason why we started NSCLC in the first place.

As the year comes to a close, please consider supporting our important work. Our Web site makes it easy to do.  Just click here to donate now. And, have a Happy Holiday.


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