Information for Advocates

Overpayment Filing

Filing to appeal an overpayment on behalf of a client affected by the Martinez settlement consists of sending a letter to the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) on behalf of the client with the warrant data attached. If the ALJ’s decision is in the client’s favor, a typical form letter is also included here. Thanks to Gregg Elovich from Central California Legal Services for sharing. (Oct. 25, 2010)

ALJ Decision June 2010

Letter to ALJ

Warrant Data Sample

Advocate Guides

Understanding the Martinez Settlement

Understanding the Martinez Settlement (Large Type)

Court Documents

Martinez v Astrue Settlement Agreement

Order Granting Final Approval

Class Notice

Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Approval of the Settlement Agreement

Declaration in Support of Motion for Preliminary Approval of the Settlement Agreement

Plaintiffs Motion for Summary Adjudication

Plaintiffs’ Motion for a Preliminary Injunction

Martinez v Astrue Class Action Complaint


SSA Policy Instruction

Congressional Response Report


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