Webinar: Medicare and Medicaid Alignment: Challenges and Opportunities

August 25, 2011 Webinar. Sometimes dual eligibles are unable to get essential medical equipment, may experience gaps in prescription drug coverage and may encounter language barriers in trying to communicate with their doctors and those who manage the programs. Join this Webinar to find out how these problems can be addressed. This Webinar looks primarily at issues within fee-for-service Medicare and Medicaid, including Medicare Part D, and discusses practical measures to improve access within existing systems.

Dual eligibles – people who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid — are some of the most vulnerable patients in our health care system. They are, by virtue of their Medicaid eligibility, low-income and most are dealing with multiple chronic conditions. Their care is often costly and fragmented.

The Webinar is based on an issue brief that is the second in a series of four NSCLC papers supported by a grant from The SCAN Foundation. Each is designed to highlight pressing issues facing dual eligibles and provide recommendations to the federal Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office, state Medicaid agencies and other interested policymakers and stakeholders on how to address them.

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