New Web Site Signals Fresh Approach to Communicating

(September 2011)

We officially launched our new Web site this week. While always a work in progress, it represents a fresh approach to communicating our mission and priorities to the outside world.

For the advocates we are pledged to educate and counsel, there is a dedicated section in which those who work to protect the rights of the elderly poor can more easily find information that is especially pertinent to them from upcoming events such as monthly webinars to signing up for our health or income network alerts.

For the average consumer, there are new resources and ways to find local help. The Web site is designed in a far more accessible format and information is presented in plain language.

For funders, policymakers and others who collaborate with us, there is better organized information about who we are and what we do. And, for media, there is the newsroom where they can find most recent press releases, biographies of our experts and easily figure out whom to contact.

Our hope is that the Web site will continue to change and grow with our organization and that, over time, we take more advantage of ever-evolving social media tools that can strengthen our national voice and make us even more effective advocates.  Please visit and take a tour.

P.S. This and future columns will be available on the new site as a blog, giving you an opportunity to comment on opinions and thoughts we include on the site’s home page.


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