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Assisted Living Residents Face Challenges When Transitioning from Private Pay to Medicaid (7/27/2011) Although the Medicaid program is a boon to thousands of low-income seniors, it may pose some difficulties for assisted living facility residents to remain where they’ve chosen to live. Eric Carlson advises consumers on how law works in the states.

LA Times Quotes Carlson on CCRCs (7/) In an article “Elderly and Facing Eviction,” Eric Carlson says that “it’s just wishful thinking to believe that making a payment will make you secure for life,” and gives advice to those considering a CCRC.

Windy City Times (IL)  LGBT Elders Raise Serious Fears about Long Term Care Facilities.(2011/04/11) — “This report should shock our nation into action. As we continue to make great strides for equality, we cannot leave our elders behind.”

New America Media Publishes NSCLC Column on Language Access (2011/04/11) In a column entitled “California Home Care Cuts Target Ethnic, Immigrant Elders,” co-authors Katharine Hsiao and Anna Rich say that “the people who would be most harmed by the proposed cuts are likely to be seniors and people with disabilities, mostly ethnic elders and immigrants.”

McKnight’s Long Term Care on LGBT Report (2011/04/11) McKnight’s quotes Scott Parkin, “There is deep-seated worry and the fears aren’t groundless.” He urges long term care facilities to train their employees to prevent discrimination.

Palm Beach Post on Judge Vinson’s Ruling (2011/03/08) Simon Lazarus is quoted: “This was an overreach and it’s been corrected. In the end, the path for implementation of the act is much clearer now than it was before.”

Kaiser Health News/CQ Health Beat Spotlight Health Law Debate (2011/03/03) Simon Lazarus joined Walter Dellinger, a former acting solicitor general in the Clinton administration, in debating the constitutionality of the law at the Brookings Institute.

American Enterprise Institute’s “Outlook” Praises NSCLC (2011/03/03) The conservative think tank’s health policy newsletter calls NSCLC a “highly professional and effective advocacy group”

ACS Spotlights Lazarus Issue Brief on Health Reform Lawsuits (2011/02/08) ACS is pleased to distribute “The Health Care Lawsuits: Unraveling A Century of Constitutional Law and the Fabric of Modern American Government,” an Issue Brief by Simon Lazarus, Public Policy Counsel at NSCLC.

Washington Post: Lazarus Says Broccoli Argument is Smear Tactic (2011/02/03) The Florida judge’s argument that “if Congress can do this, then it can make you eat broccoli” is a “baseless fiction, akin to ‘death panels’ and similar smear tactics.”

ACS Blog: In Today’s Ruling: A Touch of Bush v Gore (2011/02/01) NSCLC’s Simon Lazarus writes that the decision by Florida US District Judge Vinson striking down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety would effectively shred the Constitution as it has been interpreted, applied, and endorsed.

Newsweek/Washington Post: NSCLC Criticizes Vinson Ruling (2011/02/01) Unable to comprehend Vinson’s legal logic, liberals are alleging partisan political motivations, “It’s Bush v. Gore all over again, on steroids,” says Simon Lazarus.

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