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The New York Times. An Unexpected Bingo Call: You Can’t Play (2/2/2015) In an article about disability discrimination in a continuing care retirement community, NSCLC’s Eric Carlson says “a competent nursing home resident has the right to leave at his or her own discretion. The nursing home is providing services at the resident’s request and is not a prison.”

California Health Report. Adding Insult to Injury: The Tale of the Blue Envelope (1/11/2015) In an article about Cal MediConnect and passive enrollment for dual eligibles, NSCLC’s Amber Cutler says of beneficiaries with mental health problems and no authorized representative, “right now they’re being defaulted into the plan because their friends, caregivers or families can’t make a choice for them,”

KCET. New California Laws of Note that Take Effect in 2015 (12/29/2014) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson is quoted saying that a new California law requiring liability insuranc for residential care facilities is “an important step to ensure justice for the vulnerable older persons living in residential care facilities for the elderly.”

Governing. States Will Have a Hard Tome Getting Medicaid Reimbursement for Care Outside Nursing Homes (11/19/2014) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson is quoted saying that the federal government is are of states’ concerns.

Sacramento Bee. A Face Behind the Name: Who Are the People Leading California’s Nursing Home Chains? (11/9/2014) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson says that nursing home hierarchies have been dominated by people without hand-son health care experience.

Inside Counsel. Proskauer Firm Engages in Global Support for Breast Cancer Research. (11/4/2014) The firm has been recognized by NSCLC with its inaugural Justice Award.

UCSF News. NSCLC Honors Estes. (10/20/2014) University of California San Francisco School of Nursing’s Carroll Estes PhD was honored with the Paul Nathanson Distinguished Advocate Award.

Financial Advisor. Housing, Health Care Costs Push Retirees Into Poverty, Senior Advocate Says.  (10/17/2014) NSCLC’s Executive director Kevin Prindiville blames the trend on declining home ownership and rising health care costs.

Talk Poverty.org Senior Poverty: Now You Know (9/18/2014) In this blog, Kevin Prindiville calls for action.

Los Angeles Sentinel/New America Media. Advocates: Confusing Calif. Care Program Calls for Better HIV Outreach. (9/6/2014) NSCLC is mentioned as a resource for advocates in this story.

Asian Journal Filipino Americans Dismayed Over Cal MediConnect (9/6/2014) Amber Cutler notes that NSCLC is monitoring implementation and consumer concerns about the program.

La Prensa San Diego Nuevo programa busca coordinar servicios médicos para californianos de bajos ingreso (9/5/2014) ” El gobierno federal quiere que los proveedores de salud coordinen los servicios y que un plan coordine lo que el paciente necesite, en lugar de tener a varios médicos duplicando esfuerzos”, dijo la abogada Amber Cutler del National Senior Citizens Law Center. See English version below from New America Media.

New America Media New Program Promises Coordinated Care for Low Income Californians (8/23/2014) Amber Cutler is quoted in this article about the California dual eligible demonstration, saying, “The federal government wants health care providers to coordinate services and health care plans to coordinate what the patient needs, instead of having different doctors duplicating efforts.”

Pennsylvania Council of Churches Senior Poverty and Opportunity Profile Taking Care of Seniors in the Future (8/12/2014) In this weblog, the profile of senior poverty prepared by NSCLC and Half in Ten is highlighted.

La Opinion Cal MediConnect Busca Coordinar Servicios Mdicos para Ancianos y Discapacitados. (8/9/2014) Amber Cutler is quoted in this article, “El gobierno federal quiere que los proveedores de salud coordinen los servicios y que un plan coordine lo que el paciente necesite, en lugar de tener a varios médicos duplicando esfuerzos.”

Business Week and 35 Others. Poll: Pharmacy Choice for Seniors Supported by 76% of U.S. Voters. (7/31/2014) Three out of four likely voters (76 percent) say they support H.R. 4577, the Ensuring Seniors Access to Local Pharmacies Act. NSCLC is mentioned for its support of the bill.

California Healthline Older LGBT Patients Have Unique Set of Medicare, Medi-Cal Benefit Issues. (7/28/2014) NSCLC’s Georgia Burke noted in story about July 23 webinar that same-sex marriages should be treated the same as other marriages “to the greatest extent possible under the law.”

Chain Drug Store News Debate Heats Up Over Any Willing Pharmacy Legislation (7/23/2014) NSCLC is listed as a supporter of the to Ensuring Seniors Access to Local Pharmacies Act of 2014 (H.R. 4577). Article also appeared in Insurance News Net.

Modern Healthcare Reform Update: Many Dual Eligibles Opt Out of Care Coordination. (7/22/2014) NSCLC’s Fay Gordon is quoted saying “it makes sense that continued access to one’s provider is a primary concern for beneficiaries.”

Bay Times (CA) Ensuring Protection and Inclusion for LGBT Seniors (7/10/2014) NSCLC study cited saying that only 22 percent of respondents said they could be open their sexual orientation or identity.

Stateline (Pew) Without Federal Action, States Move on Long Term Care (7/3/2014) With private nursing homes costing $4,000 to $12,000 a month, NSCLC’s Eric Carlson is quoted, “For many seniors, it doesn’t take long to run out of money.”

California Healthline Main Push in Duals Project Starts, L. A. County Launches Passive Enrollment. (7/2/2014) NSCLC’s Amber Cutler warns that “we’re fearful about what’s about to happen.”

Market Watch 10 Things Assisted Living Homes Won’t Tell You (6-24-2014) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson shares consumer tips on staffing and applicant screening. Story also appeared on several other news sites such as MorningStar.com and the New York Post.

California Healthline Advocates Want Duals Pilot Slowed. (6/23/2014) NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville calls on the state to slow down implementation since “we’ve seen some problems because the system is overloaded.” NSCLC has shared a “fix it” list with the state and federal officials overseeing the program.

California Healthline State Backs Off Matching Foundation Grant (6/20/2014) Kevin Prindiville says he is disappointed by state not seeking matching $6 million California Endowment grant to help with Medi-Cal renewals and enrollment.

Daily Republic (CA) Solano Shines Light on Senior Poverty. (6/17/2014) “There’s really a perfect storm occurring, one of those bad ones,” said NSCLC’s Executive Director Kevin Prindiville at a local summit on senior poverty.

New America Media New State Program Enrolling 200,000 Medicare-MediCal Patients in L.A. (6/16/2014) NSCLC’s Amber Cutler spoke at media event about the need for consumer protection.

Think Progress How Your Grandma Could Lose Her Home And Her Savings (6/5/2014) “We’re finding rising levels of poverty among all seniors, but they’re particularly hitting women and women of color,” Kevin Prindiville, executive director of National Senior Citizens Law Center, said in this article about poverty among older women.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer (blog) RCFE Reform Act of 2014 Gains Momentum (04/16/2014) In an article on proposed assisted living regulation, NSCLC’s Eric Carlson says that increasing inspections is the most important aspect of reform.

California Healthline California Legislative Committees Advance Assisted Living Reforms (4/9/2014) In testimony at CA Senate, NSCLC’s Eric Carlson said “It’s hard to overemphasize how important the inspection process is.”

San Francisco Chronicle California Seniors Have Highest Poverty Rate, Study Finds. (03/25/2014) NSCLC’s Executive Director Kevin Prindiville is quoted, “If you’re 70 and poor, it can be a life of constant anxiety. . . All you have is the safety net, and that safety net is shrinking.”

Kqed.org Advocates Want State to Delay Health Transition for Elderly and Disabled. (03/20/2014) NSCLC’s Amber Cutler said, “They are always putting out fires (with this) and have no time to prepare to prevent problems. That is particularly troublesome when thinking about adding Los Angeles and Alameda in July. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people who will be affected.”

Los Angeles Daily News More than 200,000 Los Angeles County residents to be forced into managed health. (03/17/2014) NSCLC is mentioned in article about the Coordinated Care Initiative and advocates seeking to delay it.

Boise Weekly Monopoly in Age. (03/12/2014) In article about Emeritus, an assisted living company, NSCLC’s Eric Carlson said, “When you get to the point where the state is revoking the facility license, it is a sign that the whole operation is on fire.”

Bankrate.com Time to Update SSI. (03/11/2014) Kevin Prindiville is quoted, “We hear many stories from consumer advocates about elderly SSI recipients who cannot pay for food or needed medical care.”

Prnewswire.com Senate Bill Updates SSI and Would Help Elderly Poor. (3/07/2014) Senators Brown and Warren introduced the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act of 2014 today. It would fix key elements of the program.

Healthcare Matters New Congressional Support for Pharmacy Choice Provision in Medicare Proposed Rule. (03/07/14) Congress members show support for provision in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposal that would allow more older adults to access “preferred” co-pays at pharmacies. NSCLC and several other organizations expressed support for the provision.

Examiner.com Impoverished Elders. (03/07/14) NSCLC has recently disseminated insightful information regarding American seniors’ economic plights.

Civilrights.org 86 Organizations Call on the Senate to Confirm Debo Adegbile to Head Civil Rights Division. (03/04/2014) NSCLC joins 85 other organizations in urging the Senate to confirm Debo Adegbile to be Assistant General for the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice.

California Healthline Advocates Say State Cooperating with Possible Revamp of Notices to Duals. (03/03/2014) “The department has said they’re willing to sit down and fix some of this,” said NSCLC’s Amber Cutler.

Examiner. com Jewish Home Lifecare Puts Out Welcome Mat for LGBT Seniors. (2/26/2014) The 165-year old provider of eldercare services has been making a full-throttled effort to become a place where LGBT elders can live openly and proudly. NSCLC’s 2011 study is cited.

California Healthline Duals Project Schedule Unchanged. (2/26/2014) A coalition of advocacy groups for seniors and the disabled asked federal and state officials to temporary halt California’s duals demonstration project in seven of the eight pilot counties. So far, state officials have not responded to that request and the project remains on schedule.

California Healthline Advocates Ask for Delay in Duals Project. (2/24/2014) NSCLC and five other advocacy groups “urgently” requested the state and federal government to suspend the implementation of the Coordinated Care Initiative.

Dallas Voice.com Resource Center and Fairness Fort Worth Ask Reps to Protect LGBT Elderly.(2/24/2014) The NSCLC issued a report in 2011 that found LGBT seniors often went back into the closet to protect themselves in healthcare facilities.

ElderNeglect (blog) California Healthcare Advocates Propose New Assisted Living Practices (2/22/2014) A recent special report released by the NSCLC, in conjunction with the California Healthcare Foundation, identifies the key problems with the current assisted living model.

Sentinel Source.com (Keene,NH) States Meld Medicare and Medicaid. (2/21/2014) “The layers of complexity are mindboggling,” said NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville.

USA Today Care Facility Ordered to Close After Abuse Complaints. (2/15/2014)NSCLC’s Eric Carlson said struggling facilities often begin admitting residents they’re ill-equipped to care for out of desperation to fill beds.

USA Today, Denver Post & Others (Pew Stateline) Dual Eligibles Get Medicare and Medicaid Help from States (2/12/2014) “The layers of complexity are mindboggling,” said NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville. Patient advocates worry that if states move too quickly some patients might inadvertently lose access to the doctors and medications they rely on.

California Healthline Dual Eligible Transition Sparks Worries (1/30/2014) “We are extremely frustrated and disappointed with how things are progressing” — says NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville.

HRC.Org LGBT Advocates Disappointed Rules for Community Care Fail to Protect LGBT Seniors. (1/27/2014) LGBT organizations and NSCLC have urged HHS over the past three years to adopt protections.

Aging Today And Justice for All: The Law’s Role in Helping Elders. (November/December 2013). It can be challenging to fully grasp the crucial role the law plays in the health and well-being of the nation’s older adults — especially those with low income.

CHCF.org 12 Assisted Living Bills Introduced (1/16/2014) Responding to deaths and abuses in California’s assisted living homes, state legislators on Monday announced a dozen bills aimed at boosting care for the elderly and sharpening state enforcement. NSCLC’s Eric Carlson is quoted.

Huffington Post, Seniors Remain on Frontline in War on Poverty. (1/9/2014) Kevin Prindiville writes, “Older adults who are poor deserve special attention and we should unite to reduce their numbers.”

Center for Health Reporting (CA) Medical Errors Plague Care Homes (12/17/2013) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson is quoted, “The state tries to have it both ways with regard to board and care homes.”

Grantee How One National Organization Protects the Rights of California’s Most Vulnerable Citizens (December 2013) NSCLC is working hard to make sure dual eligibles understand all the moving parts of California’s Coordinated Care Initiative so they can make informed choices without disruption in health services.

Modern Healthcare Payer State Issues Slow Dual Eligible Reform (11/30/2013) The focus should on building a system of quality care and seeing what type of savings that produces, said NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville.

AARP.org States Can Smooth the Transition from Medicaid to Medicare Recently, NSCLC published an issue brief on how to ensure low-income beneficiaries can transition easily and not lose benefits.

Bangor Daily News (ME) Despite Historic Changes, It Can Still Be Scary to Be Old and Gay (11/12/2013) NSCLC study mentioned in column about Maine LGBT elders.

ProPublica Elderly, At Risk, and Haphazardly Protected. (10/29/2013) “Establishing basic consumer rights, and establishing some common-sense requirements for ‘assisted living,’ does not mean that operators are put into a one-size-fits-all box–” NSCLC’s Eric Carlson.

The Sacramento Bee Supplemental Security Income Program Turns 41. (10/28/2013) The fact is older adults who rely on SSI for their income security are deeper in poverty than when the program started says NSCLC Executive Director Kevin Prindiville.

10,000 Couples Protect Your Rights to Social Security Benefits (9/30/2013) Article on same sex couples and their benefits cites NSCLC.

Pittsburgh Gazette Elder Law: Red Flags on Way to the Hospital (9/29/2013) Observation status issue explored.

California Healthline How California’s Dual-Eligibles Project Compares With Five Other States. (9/24/2013) Story about NSCLC analysis of appeals processes in CA’s dual eligible demonstration project.

San Diego Union Tribune Care Home Deaths Show System Failures (9/7/2013) NSCLC’s Eric Carlson says that California assisted living training standards are “deplorable.”

Columbus Dispatch (OH) Waiver for Paper Social Security Check to be Easier for Elderly (8/21/2013) Rebecca Vallas of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia testifies at Senate Aging Committee on behalf of NSCLC, others.

Inquirer Global Nation Job and Care Services to Immigrant Elderly on Chopping Block in California. (7-24-2013) NSCLC’s Anna Rich is quoted in story about cuts to IHSS and other programs.

CNBC.COM and Reuters Gay Marriage Ruling Boosts Key Retirement Benefits. (6-26-2013) In light of Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, NSCLC’s Gerald McIntyre urges married spouses who think they have a claim to Social Security or Medicare benefits to apply immediately.

Sacramento Bee and 162 Other Online News Outlets Statement on Supreme Court Decision. (6-26-2013) The National Senior Citizens Law Center applauds the Supreme Court’s historic decision today on the Defense of Marriage Act.

MarketWatch.com Know Your Retirement Community Exit Options. (6/19/2013) Care managers and other experts say many families don’t fully appreciate the commitment that a CCRC involves — “People put all their eggs into one basket,” said NSCLC’s Eric Carlson.

Washington Blade. com DC Panel Examines DOMA Impact on Older Gay Couples. (6/11/2013) “There is nothing more frightening than aging with the threat of financial instability hanging over you and that is just want DOMA means to married gay and lesbian couples,” said NSCLC’s Paul Nathanson.

Politico.com NSCLC Ups Prindiville. (6/11/2013) The National Senior Citizens Law Center has hired Kevin Prindiville as its new executive director.

Modern Healthcare States Delaying Droping Controversial Dual Eligible Pilot Program. (5/24/2013) NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville says, “The timelines were always too ambitious; it’s taking even longer to get stuff set up than they thought it would.”

New America Media Blog Better Language Interpretation Crucial for New Social Security Commissioner. (5/20/2013) NSCLC’s Paul Nathanson writes that it is crucial that the Social Security Administration communicate with individuals in language that people understand.

Politico.comLawmakers, Social Security Coalition Unveil Report.(5/16/2013) Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.), John Conyers (D-Mich.), Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) and David Cicilline (D-R.I.), along with the Strengthen Social Security Coalition, l unveil a new Transition Report For The New Commissioner of Social Security The report details how the Social Security program can be strengthened and improved.

New York State Bar Association Honors Four Proskauer Lawyers for Outstanding Pro Bono Work. (5/1/2013)Proskauer Partners Bettina (Betsy) B. Plevan and Steven E. Obus, Senior Counsel, Russell L. Hirschhorn and Special Counsel Brian S. Rauch were recognized for their work in Clark v. Astrue. They were nominated by NSCLC’s Gerald McIntyre.

New America Media California Gets Federal Nod to Coordinate Care for Most Vulnerable Patients (4/22/2013) NSCLC, consumer advocates worry that the health plans might not be up the task.

Modern Healthcare Dual Eligible Dilemma (4/20/2013) NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville says that demonstration programs are moving too quickly and enrolling too many people before any results are known.

Wall Street Journal Seclect and 207 others online NSCLC, Rep. Grijalva and Advocates Call for Restoring SSI Program (4/17/2013). Yahoo News, Reuters, State House News Service, Sacaramento Bee, etc. used our press release verbatim.

Healthycal.org Will Reform of Care for Aging Help or Hurt (4/15/2013)National Senior Citizens Law Center, for example, pointed out that several of the health plans have been rated very poorly by both Medicare and Medi-Cal, and some have even been sanctioned for their care of older adults.

York Daily Record (PA) Inpatient or Outpatient? More Often, Hospitals Decide Not to Admit Patients –Which Can Mean the Patient Gets Hit with More of the Cost. (4-14-2013) Article about observation status. NSCLC is mentioned in context of lawsuit.

New York Times.com When Independence Means You’re on Your Own In follow up article about the California CPR controversy (see below), NSCLC’s Directing Attorney Eric Carlson explains California law related to liability and emergency aid.

Caring.com Op-Ed: The Caregiver Burden and How We Can Advocate for Change (4/8/2013) Writer urges readers to align with political action groups like NSCLC.

Caring.com Interview with Paul Nathanson (4/3/2013) Covers a number of health and income security questions.

Arizona Daily Star Gay Couples Could See Windfalls from Court Action (3/29/2013) In reference to Supreme Court cases, NSCLC’s Gerald McIntyre is quoted about Social Security benefits “where gay couples have lost the most and stand the most to gain.”

Politico Senior Advocates Worried (3/28/2013)– The California duals demo still needs “significant work” to “ensure that low-income older adults and persons will be protected,”

Modern Healthcare Feds OK Calif.Move to Put Dual Eligibles into Managed Care Plans (3/28/2013) The agreement between DHCS and CMS reveals that significant work needs to be done to protect consumers.

Los Angeles Times Low Income California Seniors to Move into New Managed Care Plans (3/28/2013) “We are concerned about how this is going to translate in the real world for beneficiaries,” said Kevin Prindiville, deputy director of the National Senior Citizens Law Center.

California Healthline Duals Demonstration Gets Green Light (3/28/2013) The real concern is not one specific problem, but a series of problems and confusion caused by the four-pronged monster of the project’s large size, rapid timeline, overall complexity and the pressure to save money — Kevin Prindiville.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Patient Status in Hospital Can Lead to Surprise Bill. (3-26-2013) Another warning about the use of observation status in hospitals.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Proskauer Awards Golden Gavel Honors for Pro Bono Work (3-18-2013) The awards ceremony also serve as the occasion for Proskauer to recognize the Urban Justice Center and the National Senior Citizens Law Center for their work in obtaining a favorable ruling in Clark v Astrue.

MSN.com Gay Couples Could See Windfalls from Court Action (3-10-13) In an Associated Press article that tells why same sex married couples should file for Social Security before the Supreme Court decides DOMA, NSCLC Directing Attorney Gerald McIntyre is quoted. This article appeared in some 60 newspapers or news site nationally.

Univision (3-1-13) NSCLC Staff Attorney Fay Gordon was interviewed by Univision on how budget cuts will harm the elderly. She said that Social Security’s operating costs could be affected up to 8% which means that people will continue to receive the same amount on their monthly checks but customer service will be reduced significantly which could bring a lot of frustration to all.

New York Times, Amid CPR Controversy, Many Unanswered Questions (3-6-2013) NSCLC Directing Attorney Eric Carlson suggests that Glenwood’s managers may have instructed staff that there is a “bright line” between independent living and assisted living that should never be crossed

Kaiser Health News Long Term Care Ombudsmen Face Challenges to Independence (1-27-2013) NSCLC Directing Attorney Eric Carlson says that ombudsman programs outside of state governments are less subject to political pressure.

Daily Local News (Chester County, PA) Looking Back on Health Care News for 2012 (12-31-2012) Column outlines important legal milestones including a mention of Bagnall v Sebelius, a challenge brought by NSCLC and the Center for Medicare Advocacy involving the use of observation status by many hospitals.

USA Today Medicare-Medicaid Experiment Aims to Save Care (12/5/2012) In a story about California’s “experiment” in using managed care to cover health costs of dual eligibles, NSCLC’s Kevin Prindiville says “We have to think about the fact that people’s lives are at stake.” See related article in Senior Journal.

LGBT Weekly (CA), CNN. Retirement Gets Less Scary for Gay Boomers (12/10/12) Many LGBT seniors ended up going back into the closet as their declining health and mobility left them dependent on strangers for help, according to study conducted by NSCLC.


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