News Releases 2011

2011 News Releases Archive

New Grant Supports Continued Work Improving Care for Dual Eligibles(12/8/11) With support from the Commonwealth Fund, NSCLC will organize and convene a work group of leading consumer representatives from key states to discuss relevant issues and will develop resource materials for them…

Adult Day Health Care Program Elimination Postponed (11/17/11) Today, seven plaintiffs who represent a class of 35,000 low-income people with disabilities, including older adults, and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit that challenged the State’s planned elimination of Adult Day Health Care…

Medicaid Program for Low-Income Seniors Needs Fixes to Operate Effectively (11/16/11) Brief Highlights recommendations to improve the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program.

DC Circuit Ruling Has Supreme Court Implications (11/8/2011) “It is hard to imagine anything that could take more of the wind from the sails of ACA opponents than this terse, unequivocal ruling”…

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Federal Government to Improve Access to Medicare Coverage(11/4/2011) The Center for Medicare Advocacy and co-counsel, the National Senior Citizen Law Center, filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of plaintiffs who represent a nationwide class of individuals harmed by “observation status” — an increasingly common practice.

Medicare and Medicaid Appeals Processes Need to Be Integrated for Dual Eligibles (10/5/11)  When creating new integrated models, efforts should be made to integrate the appeals processes as well.

NSCLC Signs “Whole Constitution Pledge” 9/14/11 — The National Senior Citizens Law Center joins Constitutional Progressives, a new coalition formed to reclaim the Constitution for the high ends it was designed to serve.

Debt Ceiling Deal Offers No Reason For Elderly Poor to Celebrate
 (8/3/2011) With more than 4 million elderly living near poverty, now is not the time to jettison programs that keep them healthy and economically secure.

Consumer Protection for Dual Eligibles Important in New Integrated Models (7/13/2011). According to new Issue Brief, NSCLC says it is essential to have consumer protections in place for the 9 million people who have both Medicare and Medicaid.

White House and Congress Must Reject Cuts to Social Security (7/7/11)
NSCLC says that a change from the measure of inflation to something called the Chained CPI would have its greatest impact on those least able to afford it.

America Can’t Afford Any Changes to Social Security Benefits(6/17/11)
In a press release, NSCLC said that any cuts would have dire consequences for millions of older Americans who are already living on the edge of financial disaster.

People with Disabilities Seek to Save California ADHC Program (6/9/11)
Today, seven plaintiffs filed a motion for a preliminary injunction in a class action lawsuit on behalf of 35,000 low-income people with disabilities, including older adults.

Changing Medicaid Could Cause Problems for Assisted Living Consumers(5/4/2011)
In a press release, NSCLC said that there are numerous consumer protection problems that could be exacerbated by such a change.

Medicaid Block Grants Could Mean Low-Income Olders Adults Lose Benefits(4/26/11)
The result of block granting Medicaid would mean taking health care coverage away from millions of low-income older adults and people with disabilities.

CMS Requiring Medicare Plans to Translate Materials(4/19/2011)
In a victory for advocates for people with limited English proficiency, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services adopted final rule requiring Medicare plans to translate marketing materials.

NSCLC Position on Protecting Medicaid from Budget Cuts (4/6/2011)
In a statement drafted in response to Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, NSCLC says why Medicaid cuts and block grants would be harmful to low-income older adults and those with disabilities.

LGBT Elders Raise Serious Fears about Long Term Care Facilities (4/5/2011)
In a report and Web site developed by NSCLC in collaboration with serveral LGBT advocacy groups, LGBT elderly share hundreds of comments about their concerns related to long-term care facilities.

NSCLC Says Consumers Need Protection from Assisted Living Evictions(3/15/2011)
Eric Carlson tells roundtable March 15 that assisted living facilities should be as accountable as other health care providers.

House Vote on Attorney Fees Could Hurt Many (2/18/2011)
A U.S. House Vote Feb. 17 will dampen efforts by those who can least afford challenging illegal federal government actions.

Repeal of Health Reform Law Would Hurt Low Income Older Adults (1/19/2011)
NSCLC continues to support full enactment of the Affordable Care Act because it makes health care more accessible, affordable and of higher quality for low income older adults.

New Grants Support Health Reform Work (1/13/11)
NSCLC has received major support from two national foundations to work on health reform as it affects low income older adults.

Assisted Living Residents Can Be Evicted They Need to Be Hospitalized Temporarily (1/14/11)
Low income older adults who rely on Medicaid to assist them in paying for care in an assisted living facility risk eviction if they leave the facility because of a temporary hospitalization of for some other reason.


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