Protecting Medicaid

(April 2011)

In the current budget battle, there is an outright attack on the safety net for low-income older adults. Serious efforts to block grant Medicaid, transform Medicare into a “premium support” voucher program, repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and make significant changes to how people can access food or affordable housing support programs would effectively remove the safety net for millions of low-income (and many middle class) older adults.

We know that the result of block granting Medicaid would mean taking health care coverage away from millions of low-income older adults. Our experience has shown that states, if given free rein, intend to serve fewer people by restricting access and benefits.  According to a recent policy issue brief from NSCLC (see below), there is clear evidence that, given the opportunity, states will not provide an adequate safety net.

We have had to fight for years to ensure that states do not ignore Medicaid law. NSCLC pledges to continue that fight to protect low income older adults from losing their health coverage in the name of “flexibility” and state’s rights.


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