Refugee, Asylees and Others Need Our Support

Contact Your Members of Congress Today!

Senators and Representatives need to hear from advocates about the urgent need to address extending the Sept. 30 deadline for refugees and other humanitarian immigrants or they will lose their Supplemental Security ncome (SSI) benefits!

The Congress is scheduled for adjournment today and without quick action, some 4,600 elderly and people with disabilities will have no means of support.

As the alert we shared with you yesterday pointed out, if SSI is not available, it will likely result in increased reliance on homeless shelters, emergency rooms and other community supports already stressed in the economic downturn. Extending SSI benefits for this vulnerable group is of grave importance not only to beneficiaries themselves but also for the sake of our local communities and our society at large.

Please call your Representative and Senators

To find their Washington office numbers, visit the House or Senate Web sites. And, share this e-mail on Facebook, with your colleagues and friends.

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