Stakeholder Involvement

States commonly require stakeholder advisory committees both for the state and for managed care organizations (MCOs).

State Stakeholder Advisory Board

  • Regional long-term care advisory committee, with at least 50% of membership consisting of consumers or their representatives: Wisconsin a
  • MCO must report to regional long-term care advisory committee with information on appeals and grievances, enrollment and disenrollment, agreements related to eligibility and enrollment, provider networks, and service utilization: Wisconsin b
  • MCO must consider recommendations from regional long-term care advisory committee: Wisconsin c

MCO Consumer Advisory Committee

  • MCO must have advisory group with representation from consumers or families: Arizona d, Kansas e, New Mexico f, Tennessee g, Wisconsin h
  • Advisory group membership must be at least 50% consumers or their advocates: Arizona i, Tennessee j
  • Advisory group membership must be at least 25% representative of target group: Wisconsin k
  • Advisory group must have equitable representation re: race, gender and geographic areas: New Mexico l
  • Advisory group must keep written record of all attempts to invite and include members in meetings: New Mexico m
  • LTSS advisory group has input into planning and delivery of long-term care services, program monitoring and evaluation, and member, family and provider education: Tennessee n
  • MCO’s plan for advisory group must be submitted to state annually: Arizona o
  • State must be cc’d on all correspondence by MCO to advisory group: Arizona p
  • MCO must justify decisions that run counter to advisory group’s input: Wisconsin q
  • Advisory group must meet at least quarterly: Arizona r, Tennessee s
  • Advisory group must keep written record of meetings: New Mexico t, Tennessee u
  • Advisory group roster and minutes must be available to State, upon request: New Mexico v
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