Special Funds


Herbert Semmel Federal Rights Project

Herbert Semmel, a brilliant litigator for people with disabilities and the elderly, considered the Federal Rights Project to be among his most important contributions to civil rights law. You can help to guarantee that this ground-breaking project continues to protect access to federal courts for public interest litigation.

Burton D. Fretz Memorial Fund

Burt Fretz led NSCLC from for nearly twenty years until his death in 2001. Burt was renowned for winning the gains and protections that only high-quality litigation and advocacy can achieve. Through the Burton D. Fretz Memorial Fund, you can help make sure that NSCLC’s litigators can continue to respond to when and where they are needed.

You can also send donations to NSCLC, 1444 Eye St., NW Suite 1100, Washington DC 20005, Attention: Development. If you have any questions, please contact Tom Smith at 202/289-6976 x209.

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