Transportation and Other

Under managed long-term services and supports (LTSS) programs, contracts commonly require managed care organizations (MCOs) to provide an array of home and community-based services (HCBS).  HCBS services include: transportation, nutritional assessment, hospice, and other services.


  • Non-emergency transportation: Arizona a, Florida b, Kansas c, New York d
  • Non-medical transportation: Florida e, Hawaii f, New Mexico g
  • Medically necessary transportation: New Mexico h, Hawaii i
  • Specialized transportation: Wisconsin j
  • Transportation: Minnesota k
  • For non-emergency transportation, consumer should not be delivered more than one hour before appointment, and must be picked up within one hour after appointment has been completed: Arizona l

Other Services

  • Care coordination/case management: Florida m, Wisconsin n
  • Hospice services: Arizona o, Florida p, Hawaii q, Kansas r
  • Nutritional assessment and risk reduction: Florida s
  • Quality enhancements (e.g. fall prevention, disease management): Florida t
  • Range of home- and community-based services: Massachusetts u
  • Value-added services: Kansas v, Texas w
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