WEBINAR: Assisted Living Reform: Policies and Politics

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When: Monday, December 15, 2014 3 – 4 PM EDT

There’s a growing agreement around the need for assisted living reform. While health policy experts, caregivers, consumers, and their families recognize reform is overdue, political hurdles can get in the way of change. Speaker Larry Polivka, Ph.D, a prominent expert in aging and long-term care, will speak from personal experience on the need for assisted living reforms, and the hurdles that confront any reform effort.

In April and May of 2011, Dr. Polivka served as a chairperson on Florida’s Task Force on Assisted Living Reform. The Task Force was formed by the Governor of Florida after the Miami Herald published a three-part series that revealed serious problems in Florida’s assisted living system. After extensive work, the Task Force issued recommendations but, ultimately, legislative back-and-forth led to the Florida Legislature failing to act on those recommendations.

Based on this experience and on his extensive background in aging issues, Dr. Polivka discussed important assisted living policy questions, including consideration of the positions taken by common assisted living stakeholders.

The session was moderated by Eric Carlson, Directing Attorney for the National Senior Citizens Law Center, who relayed questions from the webinar audience to Dr. Polivka, and contributed additional insight on the topics under discussion.

This webinar is presented by the National Senior Citizens Law Center and the Assisted Living Consumer Alliance.

Larry Polivka, PhD, Executive Director, The Claude Pepper Center, Florida State University
Eric Carlson, Directing Attorney, National Senior Citizens Law Center


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