Webinar: Claiming and Collecting Attorneys Fees -Settlement Negotiations, Prevailing Party Status, and Rates

June 8, 2010 Webinar

Claiming and Collecting Attorneys Fees: Settlement Negotiations, Prevailing Party Status, and Rates

This advanced training addresses strategies for settlement negotiations, proving prevailing party status, proving reasonable rates, calculation of prevailing market rates, and proving reasonable number of hours billed.

Panelists are:
-Debra GardnerLegal Director, Public Justice Center, lead litigator for national class actions
-Richard Rothschild, Director of Litigation, Western Center on Poverty and Law, author of Federal Practice Manual chapter on attorneys’ fees
-Kathleen Millian, partner, Terris, Pravlik & Millian (a public interest law firm obtaining over 90% of its revenue from attorneys’ fees awards or settlements under fee shifting statutes)

Download: PowerPoint | Recording


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