WEBINAR: Consumer Outreach in the Dual Eligible Demonstrations

April 8, 2014

Explaining the dual eligible demonstrations to consumers is no easy task! How do you give consumers enough information so that they can make informed choices without drowning them in details? How do you reach the many hard-to-reach sub groups of duals? What should your state be doing? What is the role of advocates in consumer education? What is the best timing for consumer education?

This webinar offers some practical suggestions based on the experiences in states that have already started the enrollment process. Topics discussed include:

  • Empowering consumers, facilitating choice
  • The notice design process—coming up with a plan
  •  Making information comprehensible
  •  Factsheets, websites
  • Reaching out to the most vulnerable consumers
  • Who are the best messengers? What are the appropriate messages?

Georgia Burke, Directing Attorney
Amber Cutler, Staff Attorney



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