WEBINAR: Details Matter- Service Planning and Self-Direction in Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services and Supports

March 07, 2014

An Introduction to NSCLC’s New Advocate’s Library

A wave of new Medicaid Managed Long-Term Services (MLTSS) programs is sweeping the country and promising to impact the way care is delivered to millions of seniors and people with disabilities. Whether this impact is ultimately positive or negative will depend on the details of how these new systems are designed, implemented and held accountable. The details – while complex and often difficult to grasp – really matter.

A new tool developed by NSCLC – Advocate’s Library of Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Contract Provisions – equips advocates with the information they need to push states and plans to get the details right. The Library summarizes existing MLTSS contract provisions by topic along with a page number citation for each cited provision. This extensive Library contains over 1,000 citations to current managed care contracts to allow advocates to easily find the original text. The contracts themselves are also available on the site for users seeking exact contractual language.

This webinar (the first in a series on MLTSS contracts) highlighted findings from the library related to service planning and self-direction in MLTSS, with a focus on those contract provisions that best preserve consumer control. There is a real risk that the move to MLTSS will undermine gains made in consumer direction over the last several years. Ensuring that plan contracts preserve consumer control will be key to a positive beneficiary experience in these new models.

This webinar was the first of a series of free webinars based on the material in the Advocate’s Library.

NSCLC thanks The Retirement Research Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Skadden Fellowship Foundation for supporting this webinar and the development of the Advocate’s Library.

Eric Carlson, Directing Attorney
Hannah Weinberger-Divack, Skadden Fellow


Video Recording

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