WEBINAR: Understanding and Impacting Implementation of New Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Rules

 April 29, 2014

New federal Medicaid rules would, for the first time, set standards that seek to ensure Medicaid HCBS is provided in non-institutional settings, however, many details remain to be determined by individual states. Consumers, advocates and other stakeholders need to understand transition issues including the standards, what qualifies as HCBS, protections needed, consumer rights and service planning details in the new rules.

Stakeholder involvement and advocacy will be critical as state Medicaid programs transition through implementation of the new rules. For many states with waiver programs, the deadlines for submitting transition plans will be coming up this year. Throughout the transition process, both the states and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) must accept and consider recommendations from consumers and other stakeholders.

This webinar and a new NSCLC guide to the new rules provides consumer advocates and other stakeholders with a clear explanation of the rules and share guidance for state engagement. Advocates, state policymakers, national advocates, and regulators can learn about what the rule means for residential settings, service planning, and the community-integration transition process.

Eric Carlson, Direction Attorney
Hannah Weinberger-Divack, Skadden Fellow
Fay Gordon, Staff Attorney


Video Recording

HCBS Advocate’s Guide

Sponsored in part by the Assisted Living Consumer Alliance.

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