Webinar: Update on Supreme Court and Circuit Court Decisions of the Past Year

NSCLC’s Federal Rights Project recently hosted a webinar on Supreme Court and Circuit Court decisions of the past year. You may view the recorded webinar or download powerpoint slides of the presentation.

Learn about Supreme Court and court of appeals cases and trends in the past year regarding:
1.   Sovereign immunity (abrogation and waiver)
2.   Abstention
3.   Class Actions
4.   Preliminary Injunctions
5.   Attorneys’ Fees
6.   Enforcement of federal statutes using section 1983
7.   Enforcement of federal statutes using preemption
8.   Preemption of state law claims under Medicare
9.   Preemption of state and local laws involving immigration
10.  Preemption of state laws regarding universal health insurance
11.  The presumption against preemption
12.  Enforcement of federal law as third party beneficiaries

Download the powerpoint slides (PowerPoint file, 1MB)

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